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How to Search:

  • Default Search: Our default is prefix match
    Search 123 will match 123, 1234, 1234abcdefg
    Search 123 will not match 0123, ab123, ab123yz

  • AND search:
    the words hello and world
    hello world
  • NOT search:
    the word hello but NOT the word world
    hello -world
    We can't do NOT only search
  • OR search:
    the words hello or world
    hello or world
    Each "or" is treated as new query part
    hello abcd or hello efgh != hello abcd or efgh
  • grouping:
    the exact phrase hello world
    "hello world"
  • Similiar Search: Available for search with a search string on search result page
    This search use a fuzzy match based on your current search string. It usually produce huge amount of results.
  • No HTML tags allowed on Search String please.
  • If no result found, try check NFO Search check box and search again.
  • Options page is your friend. Go there first and set your default search options.
  • Add Not Search to filter unwanted foreign or odds collections.
  • Beware of
    • : Passworded
    • : Archive inside archive, probably passworded
    • : Exe inside archive
    • : Incomplete, can't be repaired
    • Grayed Collection: incomplete, passworded, or negative vote
  • Please watch the flag warning.
    • If it's red flag , it's beyond repair so skip it.
    • Orange flag not repairable but complete nzb file available. We check against 3 major Usenet Providers so if it's incomplete on all of them, it probably incomplete everywhere.
    • Green flag is safe, probably :)
Email us if you have any questions.
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