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Frequently Asked Questions.
How To Search
  • Default Search: Our default is prefix match
    Search 123 will match 123, 1234, 1234abcdefg
    Search 123 will not match 0123, ab123, ab123yz

  • AND search:
    the words hello and world
    hello world
  • NOT search:
    the word hello but NOT the word world
    hello -world
    We can't do NOT only search
  • OR search:
    the words hello or world
    hello or world
    Each "or" is treated as new query part
    hello abcd or hello efgh != hello abcd or efgh
  • grouping:
    the exact phrase hello world
    "hello world"
  • No HTML tags allowed on Search String please.
  • If no result found, try check NFO Search check box and search again.
  • Options page is your friend. Go there first and set your default search options.
  • Add Not Search to filter unwanted foreign or odds collections.
  • Beware of
    • : Passworded
    • : Archive inside archive, probably passworded
    • : Exe inside archive
    • : Incomplete, can't be repaired
    • Grayed Collection: incomplete, passworded, or negative vote
  • Please watch the flag warning.
    • If it's red flag , it's beyond repair so skip it.
    • Orange flag not repairable but complete nzb file available. We check against 3 major Usenet Providers so if it's incomplete on all of them, it probably incomplete everywhere.
    • Green flag is safe, probably :)
Please Email us if you have any questions.
SSL & Encrypt
If you are using SSL version of our site for security you can increase security from Default Search Options page. Check the Encrypt option to encrypt all ID from url and ajax requests. Encrypt option will also change all nzb download file name to current date.
  • No SSL, Not Encrypted
  • No SSL, Encrypted
  • SSL, Not Encrypted
  • SSL, Encrypted

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